A Closer Look into the Master Mind of Han Jin, CEO of Lucid VR

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Featured as one of the most dynamic young founders in America in Inc. Magazine’s 12th annual “30 Under 30”, Han Jin, founder and CEO of Lucid VR, has created a new wave in the virtual reality (VR) industry with LucidCam, the world’s first consumer 3D virtual reality camera. Born in China, raised in Germany, and settled in the US after earning his degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley, Jin has accumulated experiences and perspectives unmatched by entrepreneurs of his age and field. Founder of several start-ups, Jin continues to break historical peaks–of his personal records–because what goes inside of his mind echoes boldly through his actions. Be real, be fearless, be lucid. Meet Han Jin from 360 degrees: his life-shaping upbringing, the start-up, and the core beliefs he faithfully guards.

Growing Up 

Jin was born in China and, at age six, moved to Germany, where he spent the majority of his life until he came to the US to pursue higher education at UC Berkeley. Looking back, Jin appreciates all that life offered him–luck or hardship. But above all, he credits his achievements to his mother, who “moved to Germany all by herself without knowing the country or language…and raised [Jin] as a single mother while working three jobs,” said Jin. “She never gave up on what she wanted to achieve in her life. And with this mindset, she managed to take care of a child while founding her own practice and becoming successful in a foreign country.” Like mother, like child, Jin also never gave up and now is sharing his story with those who are still upclimbing the uneven road.

The Birth of LucidCam

Physically and mentally juggling between countries and cultures, Jin has found a desire to connect people not just on a flat screen, but in a setting as if their loved ones are right next to them. With this hope in mind for a long time, Jin eventually put his vision into action and gave birth to the portable and easily-accessible 180° LucidCam in 2017. Jin and his co-founder worked on remote controlled robots in their free time and he was “fascinated by how much depth and immersion [he] was feeling.” Wowed by the surreal experience, Jin and his co-founder worked and worked and worked, and finally built LucidCam, a VR camera that empowers everyone to create live, real, and immersive experiences.

Mindset Before Action

“What’s the single best piece of business advice that helped shape who you are as an entrepreneur today, and why?” BusinessCollective asked during an interview with Jin. In place of giving a strategic business speech, Jin tells briefly, yet powerfully, “What’s possible is determined in the mind of the observer. All my life, people have told me what is not possible. My friends told me that I was too weak to play sports. My colleagues told me that I had to wait 10 years for my green card. Investors told me that I couldn’t be successful without a co-founder or domain expertise. But I made [all of those] work and that is what counts in the end. Don’t let others tell you what is not possible. Find out for yourself what is.”

Best piece of advice in life and in work?

“It is crucial to be passionate about what you do and learn to enjoy the journey. If you are in VR/AR for the learning and you want it to change the future, then you are at the right place at the right time, because at the end of the day all you will get out of it for sure is personal growth and a dent on history.”

-Han Jin