Lucid VR raises $2M and partners with Wistron to bring LucidCam to Mass Production

We are very excited to announce today that we have closed our Seed round with $2.1M and signed a partnership with Wistron, one of the top 5 ODMs worldwide. We received investments from Wistron, S2 Capital, Lab360, TEEC Angel Fund, 17 Miles Technology as well as other angel investors. The funding coupled with the Wistron manufacturing agreement provides the means to bring our one-of-a-kind, affordable VR camera, LucidCam, to mass production.

Han and Adam Headshot 1.png

Lucid VR Co-founders CEO, Han Jin, and CTO, Adam Rowell

“LucidCam brings people together across the world by capturing incredible immersive experiences in VR, the same way as your eyes see them. Now you can easily share your moments with friends and family within seconds in VR,” said our CEO, Han Jin. “With our relationship with Wistron we will be developing a beautifully designed and engineered camera that is going to surpass our original plans. We are very excited to announce that we will be upgrading our backers with a first production version of the LucidCam with double the resolution and frame rate, in addition to extended battery capacity. The viewing experience in VR headsets will be so much smoother with 2K and 60 frames per second.”

We successfully crowdfunded our first round of production cameras in December 2015, with the cameras now to be produced by Wistron Corporation and delivered in the later half of 2016.

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Easily relive moments that matter

LucidCam eliminates what has until now taken hours and thousands of dollars in big-size equipment and software to do. For the first time, anyone can easily capture amazing 3D spherical videos and images with the simple touch of a button. Semi-pros and photo video enthusiasts can capture amazing cinematic 3D experiences. Game developers can easily create lifelike environments and innovators can disrupt industries by building businesses around VR content.

LucidCam is available for pre-order here.

Lucidcam Pant Pocket 2.png

LucidCam is the easiest-to-use VR camera out there and can enable mass content creation

The camera’s unique technology was created by our founders, Jin and his co-founder and Dr. Rowell, a Stanford Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering who is specialized in computer vision and image processing. LucidCam breaks down expensive Hollywood 3D production camera systems to a small form factor, making it more affordable for the masses and eliminating the long-winded postproduction processes. It leverages binocular lenses to create true depth as well as peripheral vision and utilizes two microphones — essentially mimicking human eyes and ears. It fits into your pocket like a mobile phone so users can capture immersive images and videos anywhere, anytime. With a 180-degree field of view, LucidCam allows users to stick to the traditional point-and-shoot approach, simply pressing the shutter and holding the camera steady to capture everything – no panoramic sweeps required.

We will be bringing a remarkable VR camera to capture great immersive videos. There are so many applications for 3D VR content, but the potential is limited when only a few people have access to the tools. With LucidCam we want to put the power of content creation into your hands, because only then the potential of VR will unfold.