Meet AR… The Sister of VR

Blog by: Micah Blumberg

Micah is a freelance writer with Virtual Reality Media Associates

I’ve talked a lot about Virtual Reality. Now, we’re going to change directions a bit and meet the related Augmented Reality company, Meta.

Right now Meta is about 80 people and they are hiring. They previously secured 23 million dollars, sold 1000 Meta 1 headsets, and now they have just released the Meta 2 headset for 949 dollars, it is a real step forward in the evolution of human tools, one that will lead to the replacement of flat screens like those used for TV, computers, tablets, laptops, and phones. With the Meta 2 development kit you can do holographic telepresence, and you can do work in a remote way that is also very immersive. Meta is a see through device unlike Virtual Reality. You can create new programs for it with a game engine called Unity which runs on Windows. Later this year Meta will support Unity on Mac as well. It’s a stereo 3D display so you can see objects in real 3D. The headset’s sensors measure depth, and recognize gestures. With Meta people can work together from different places, and hand each other data as if they were in the same room.


Meta 2


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