Disrupt Average Joe & Jane

Blog by: Han Jin

Han Jin is the CEO and Co-founder of Lucid VR which makes the 180 degree 3D camera, LucidCam. 

Virtual Reality is one of the most disruptive technologies to arise in the coming decade. There is an infinite amount of applications that will transform countless industries – from gaming and simulation to education and entertainment, to quote just a few. Despite the recent spike in Virtual Reality developments, there are still only a few players currently dominating the VR space and most of them are unfortunately not focused on consumers.

Lucid VR aims to empower the average Joe and Plain Jane to spur VR adoption and innovation.

Lucid VR aims to empower the average Joe and Plain Jane to spur VR adoption and innovation.

Although there are tons of VR headsets popping up here and there, bringing Virtual Reality to the masses still remains a huge challenge due to lack of content. Content creation is currently restricted by the requirements of technical skills or expensive camera equipment. What would happen if the average Joe could create and share his own virtual reality content? We believe that real innovation in Virtual Reality will surface when you give consumers the power to create their own content through a simple-to-use device. Instead of relying on the limited content generated by only 10% of the population, we can unfold the endless potential of Virtual Reality by enabling the other 90% to create content on their own.

The 180 degree 3D camera, LucidCam, is going on the crowdfunding campaign at the end of October.

LucidVR is leveraging IndieGoGo to bring VR to the average Joe & Jane.

When brainstorming with others about potential VR applications, people shared the most interesting ideas – concepts that nobody has thought of before, such as meditation classes, wine tours, driving classes and more. Giving consumers the ability to create content in Virtual Reality will not only accelerate the adoption of VR, but also stimulate more innovators to enter the market and create new businesses and services. That is the time when we can truly embrace the full potential of Virtual Reality, which will ultimately expand our horizons and enrich people’s lives.

Want to get involved with VR for Everyone blog? Send an e-mail to the Lucid team at info@lucidcam.com.


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