Times Have Changed

Blog by: Brian Ferrara

Brian started the popular SFVRCC Meetup group and founded the DIYHMD platform

Brian Ferrera at SFVRCC

Brian Ferrara at SFVRCC

Times have changed in the Tech world, and what was once off-limits because of cost, access or support is now widely, and in some cases freely, available. Open Source, Open Patent and a growing Maker culture that sees no limits to what you can DIY are advancing technologies to the benefit of all. At the forefront of technology that has recently made its way from both garage benches and academic research facilities into a paradigm shifting platform for the masses is Virtual Reality. An exciting technological prospect in its infancy that will grow by leaps and bounds as we enable VR for Everyone.

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VR for Everyone

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the hottest growing technology industries. With such innovative and collaborative VR companies developing, the timing of when VR will hit the mainstream is a question that all have asked.

That’s why Lucid VR set out in this blog to brainstorm and spur conversations on how we can make that adoption happen faster.   How do we bring VR to everyone? That is the question.  In this blog, we’ll ask that question to a variety of VR thought leaders and drivers who all, in their own way, are driving towards that same goal of building the VR industry.

Why is Lucid VR pushing this effort? Lucid VR’s product, LucidCam, is aimed to enable this cause of bringing VR to everyone. LucidCam is affordable, mobile, and extremely shareable.

Follow Lucid VR here for monthly subscription to the blog. If you or someone you know driving this VR mainstream adoption, if so, send over an introduction to info@lucidcam.com.

With that, let’s get this discussion started.